Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bk XIII:366-415 Bk XIII:366-415

 Bk XIV:1-47    He had laid huge stones and topped the walls with a hedge of thorn. Beyond them he had set large close-set stakes along each side, oak stakes split to the black heart of the tree, then he had built twelve sties close together inside the yard to hold the pigs, and there were fifty breeding sows penned, wallowing there, in each. The boars slept outside, and there were far fewer of these since the noble Suitors had thinned out their numbers with their feasting, the swineherd sending them the pick of the fatted hogs.

Bk XIII:366-415     Then go first and find the swineherd, who may be only a keeper of your pigs but feels well-disposed towards you, and loves your son and loyal Penelope. You will find him with the swine that feed their rich flesh by Raven’s Crag, near the Spring of Arethusa, eating their fill of fattening acorns, and drinking the clear black water. Sit with him, there, Odysseus, and question him fully, while I go to Sparta, 

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